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Adventure Club is a yoga teacher training and lifestyle challenge. For many years I taught this as a 200-hour course. Now I'm interested in it being a 300-hour course, for those who have already completed a 200-hour yoga training--or for those who want an interesting experience irrespective of yoga teaching. So: This is all in development. 

I'm also writing a book on Adventure Club and my ideas about yoga, yoga trainings, and the yoga business.

How I imagine this training: First of all, it is often outdoors. The yoga happens in a standing format, using poles. That way we can meet in parks, hike, and experience the world and the weather. I'm even thinking that for the span of a weekend, the club camps out, in tents. Therefore a good amount of equipment is needed.

A sleeping bag.

A camping pad.

A tent.

A journal.

A flashlight.

Rain gear.

Shoes strong enough for hiking.

and so forth.

Also, the club would use ukuleles so that we can sing around the campfire.

When I think about the cost of the club, I would want it to be affordable. It would meet once a month, for a weekend, at $100 each. If one is doing the official YTT training, then one would need to complete 12 weekends. Each one would have different topics, so coverage of that would be necessary. Given two years, there would be two chances to do each weekend. Additionally, I think it would be a good idea to have individual meetings once a month at $30 each. That way questions and ideas can be discussed one-on-one. 

Even though the meet-ups would be once a month, the training and habits of the club would be ongoing. We'd track our daily actions using a chart. The big habits that I'd like to see transform everyone are these:

Sobriety (from all intoxicants): I think that spiritual progress is most easily done when we create a solid, clean slate. 

Vegan Diet: So many health issues and spiritual issues are cleared up when we are eating almost entirely plant-based. I say "almost" because nothing is perfect. 

Regular Musical Practice: The mind lights up in so many ways as a result of playing an instrument or singing. It is really fun to do it together, with no real concerns about a professional performance.

A Physical Exercise: Such as yoga and stretching, or walking and climbing, or running and weight lifting. Or a big variety.

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