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My name is Cal Clements. I make all the work of Tinker Wagon by hand in my studio in Athens, Georgia. Athens is my hometown. I studied art at the University of Georgia in the mid 1980s. My ceramics professor, Andy Naisisse, taught me to work in series of at least 100 pieces. I've had great success with that because I like to do things over and over again, with subtle changes.

This is a ceramic tower that I made in art school. I had stayed up all night working on it. When my dad came by in the morning, this is how he found me.

Also at the University of Georgia, I studied painting with Jim Herbert. I loved to make a big mess! The more drips and splatters, the better. I tended to paint in a frenzy, moving faster than I could think. This evolved into an expressionistic figurative style with symbolism, such as the work (below). A person goes through many personalities over time.


Starting in 1995, I began charting on a daily basis. The early charts recorded emotions. Later charts looked at habits and practices.


With the Coronavirus, my wife, Morgan, and I began staying at home. We set up studios in the shed. I made work in clay and fired to stoneware temperatures. Many of these pieces I sold as charms. Some of them I installed as tile floors.

Now, in 2022, I'm working on a series of drawings that I call Rainbow Quest.


In subsequent years, my painting became more controlled. I suppose my personality went in that direction too. More orderly and symmetrical.


I began to sew in 2004 and made many giant curtain/tapestries. These were used in theatrical productions and hung in my yoga studio, Rubber Soul. Now they are owned by Nick Bradfield of the White Rabbit Collective.

There's a lot more to say, naturally, and so I wrote a book about my experiences in life. You can buy it from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. People say it is a page turner. It covers the big events up until I turned 50 years old. 

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