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News as of the summer of 2021

This is Cal writing here. So what is going on with Tinker Wagon? Well, we started off with the idea of making tiles for installation in kitchens and bathrooms. I dreamed of building a whole pool. The tiles shifted into charms that could be hung on a hook. The main form became a house with a tall roof. I made many, many of these and they were a hit. Also I created monsters and some animals. The wind of creativity shifted and I began to make Black Cats. I like how quiet they are. Cats exist at the boundary between this world and a more mystical one. Another discovery was the boat. In real life, I have a sailboat. Morgan and I took the boat on a big trip that lasted about a month. It was a giant adventure that was as much trouble as joy. Now we are back and happy to be settled in Athens. I'm back in the clay studio with a new project: the Treasure Cat.

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