Priceless Fairytale Pottery and Wabi Sabi

I have been experimenting with making cups, bowls, and little plates. When I'm in a bad mood, I consider that anyone can buy dishes at the thrift store for a dollar. Even new from Walmart, they cost less than $5. But sometimes, when I am in a great mood, I remember Shinto pottery, with little wine cups in the wabi sabi tradition going for $4400 each. But, placing financial value to the side, there's something special about these pots. I'm given glimpses of a handmade world, where dwarves come by for dinner, and then, after every plate has been used, get out their musical instruments and sing in deep voices.

Regarding wabi sabi, it is the Japanese idea that we might as well celebrate the imperfect and impermanent. In this humble aesthetic, objects are simple, not much adorned, and useful. I love thinking of my whole life this way. I'm just one person among many (many, many) and not all that special. I make some things with a basic level of skill and (somehow) we all get by, day by day, as time marches along. Any moment of being satisfied with just a little less is a moment to celebrate.

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