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The Artist's Way

I'm in my second reading of Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way. I've filled out two and a half composition notebooks with "Morning Papers." This is a journaling exercise that you do each morning. She has many prompts that urge you to think about all the ways in which you may be limiting your full creative potential.

Everyone is an artist, according to Julia. And, since she's very religious, even God is an artist. This "higher power" actively helps out creative people. The book is great for blasting away one's insecurities and "taking the next right step" towards living your dreams.

In summary, the three actionable directives of the book are 1. Write the morning papers (which can be any writing but also answering the questions from the book) 2. Go on Artist Dates (which include any inspiring events) and 3. Take the next right step (which is allowing yourself to do a small version of whatever dream you have--for example, if you want to skydive but maybe you can't afford that at the moment, then you could try jumping from the porch onto the ground.... or hanging upside down from a tree limb.)

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