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The Free Spirit Artisan Market

Today we magically appeared at the first market of the season. Ok, well, maybe it was more mechanical than magical. We rode in the Subaru rather than the flying carpet. Still, we appeared and the art appeared too. I love this market because the host, Debra, charges the artists zero dollars. That's right--absolutely nothing! It worked out for us, because we sold $225 in art, which is good but not as good if we had had to pay a booth fee. Hey, I understand the value of booth fees. It is great when shows are heavily advertised. I'm just saying that it was nice that this was a Free Spirit market in the literal sense of the word.

Sorry, the image resolution is low... it is because Momo has my phone and (long story). You can see them here: Momo and Zeke, the precious people of my life. And now we have colorful table cloths. An upgrade! Still, our booth is not as professional as it might need to be to get into shows in Atlanta and other big cities. Yes, the application asks for a booth shot and I think that the booth is supposed to look pretty slick. Goals.

We'll be at three other markets this season. The next one is the Athens Farmers Market Holiday Show on November 26th. See you there!

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