These are quite hard for me to make, believe it or not. The fern curls break easily when the clay is green. Now the piece is strong--so no worries there. It tells the story of a house made out of fiddleheads. It would be perfect as a decoration by the door of a garden shed. I've always liked the idea that little people live in magical plants. A walk in the forest often results in seeing little tunnels and openings at the base of trees. So it makes sense that the imagination would wonder if a small person lives there. When my son, Zeke, and I are walking in the woods, we will holler into those holes and tell the creature inside to wake up. Then the goblin or elf will respond in a grouchy voice, "Go away, I'm sleeping." Zeke finds that very funny so the dialog continues until the laughter runs out.

The Fernhouse