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We are slowly building our song list. Mostly we play by ear. However, on this page, I'll put up some rough sketches of the song structure. Also you can look these up on any of the streaming music sources. Often we are in the same key.

1. Oh When the Saints (Key of Bb)

2. The Banana Song (Day-O) (Key of Bb)

3. Mardis Gras (In the key of the recording by Olympia Brass Band)

4. Second Line (Key of Bb)

5. Gotta Have That Funk (In the key of the recording; I forget what it is.)

6. No... It Ain't My Fault (Key of Eb)

7. Gymnopedie (Key of C)

I'm happy to send you charts to your phone or explain anything. Just reach out. or text me at 706-247-6611

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